Kimagure Mercy Marin Kitagawa Sex Stockings(Alternative Version)

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Hi guys, im so sorry for just dissapearing, my life have been complicated during last months, i hate to give excuses but its the least that i can do, first i was strugling a lot with my sleeping, i was not able to sleep properly during weeks and it was killing a lot of aspects of my life, i tried to do mmd videos but after of weeks i just cant focus on anything in that point, and i have been having a issue with my digestive system, i went to the doctor and after some tests she told me that is very likely that i have a hiatal hernia, so i need to go to the city and take one more test to confirm it, if thats the case it is very likely that i will need surgey, nothing to complicated tho, most of my personal issues are solved now, the only thing left is the possible surgey.I feel so much better and im very excited to make a new video, im working on it already so you will know more about it soon, meanwhile you can have this stocking version of my last video, people always request it, i made it as soon as finished the normal version but i just posted it in patreon in that time, anyways thank you so much for still following my work, i will see you again soon!!Download Link: / and 1080p resolution are ready on my Patreon page since months ago.Note: I used to respond almost every comment on my videos but now there is a time you need to wait to post another comment so its complicated, but i read every one of your messages, even in chinese, japanese, etc.Music(original):八王子P様 八王子P 「気まぐれメルシィ feat. 初音ミク」Music:柿チョコ様「気まぐれメルシィ」歌ってみた【柿チョコ】Model: Converted to MMD from Koikatsu by me.Dance motion : Moka - / : Mr Pink edited by me.Special mention to GFS MMD who gave me his GPU, thanks to him my workflow for Blender videos has improved a lot. He makes cool videos too, i let you his channel: / you want to help me to create more content you can do it here, any help is appreciated, you will find better quality too:/ can find more content here:Discord: / / / / Twitter: /