Thumbs Up Baltimore Sex Blender/Eevee

  • 投稿日:2021/12/17
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Hi guys, finally another video, sorry for the delay, it took me more than i expected, this time was the turn for Baltimore, i had only one video with her and i really like the model, so i thought it was necesary to use her again, i have seen a lot of Baltimore videos but all of them using the default outfit so i wanted to use a more casual outfit and whats better than bikinis, we could say its my favorite kind of outfit. Im really happyt with the video overall but did some mistakes like the water doesnt moving fast enough(maybe i will upload a fixed version later), i used a lot of fluid simulations for creampies and squirt, i can see some of them need better "resolution" to make them look more realistic but its really hard with my actual CPU, i will buy another one for it next month. I learned a lot this time so i will do it better next time.About the song i really like it, it has such a nice rhytm, perfect for this kind of videos, i editted it in the end to mantain the energy high as possible. It has kind of sexy lyrics too, check them here: / is a english version too, im thinking to upload a version with it too, let me know if you would like it.Anyways thank you so much for watching and i wish you happy holidays! Dont forget to give a Like, make sure to give to Baltimore all the "Thumbs up" she deserves and wants in... you know what i mean... Let me know what do you think, what do you want to be next, what you liked, etc, i read every comment.1366x768p 60fps: / time rendered the video even in 4K resolution, in case someone is interested or want to support me in Patreon.Model by Mr PinkThank you so much to my patrons for their support and all of you for watching and following my work!Special mention to GFS MMD who gave me his GPU, thanks to him my workflow for Blender videos has improved a lot. He makes cool videos too, i let you his channel: / you want to help me to create more content you can do it here, any help is appreciated, you will find better quality too:/ can find more content here:Discord: / / / / Twitter: /