Kimagure Mercy Marin Kitagawa Sex Blender/Eevee

  • 投稿日:2023/2/4
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Hi guys, finally im here with another video, this time featuring Marin, a character that I like a lot, like I told you before, I was trying to learn how to convert models from Koikatsu to MMD and this is the final result, I think is a decent model, it will be available on my Patreon in case someone is interested, would be nice to see what other creators can produce with her.
Im very happy with the video, generally when I finish one I can see a lot of issues that I don’t like and this time there aren just a few, i feel like technically speaking, i improved a lot of things i wasn’t able to in the latest Baltimore’s video, so the image quality is better in all frames, This time i didnt use cloth simulation, sometimes i get bored/burned out of making a particular thing in my videos so i decided to not use it. About animation, i made the ass physics manually, using bones and keyframes, they are not perfect but i think they look decent, for the boobs i used Kangxy physics, plus bones keyframes to give them a rounder movement.
I want to make a second version with stockings(people always request it) and a different color for the outfit, it is just to letting the computer rendering again with the changes needed, in fact, supporter on Patreon are already voting, I will show you the options later.
DJPMMD helped me with the male model, improving its deformation too, now the weights are smoother, he takes requests so if you need help with something try to contact him: / /> Thank you so much for watching and sorry for the waiting, i will start working on the idea for the next video, it will be a sex/dance one, feel free to give me any feedback about what you liked it and what not, I read every comment, Chinese ones too using the translator. See you guys!
Downlad Link: / /> 4K and 1080p resolution are ready on my Patreon page since 4 days ago.
Music(original):八王子P様 八王子P 「気まぐれメルシィ feat. 初音ミク」
Model: Converted to MMD from Koikatsu by me.
Dance motion : Moka - / /> Camera : Mr Pink edited by me.
Special mention to GFS MMD who gave me his GPU, thanks to him my workflow for Blender videos has improved a lot. He makes cool videos too, i let you his channel: / /> If you want to help me to create more content you can do it here, any help is appreciated, you will find better quality too:/ /> You can find more content here:
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