Phut Hon/Hip Sway Kangxi Sex Blender/Eevee

  • 投稿日:2021/6/12
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Hi guys, finally i have finished it, it took a lot of work, time and learning but its done! This was my first try using Blender for a sex/dance video, it was complicated but i think it was worth it, this time it is in 60 fps so it took the double of time to render(60 hours) with my RX570, i know, its time to upgrade, i really need it if i want to keep making videos with Blender, i tried to add a lot of sex motions and i did a few changes to the music, i hope it doesnt bother you, i just wanted to sync the sex scenes with the song but the original was a bit slow. Anyway let me now if the comments what you like it or not, i read everything and if you really enjoyed it and want me to do more videos like this give me a like and follow.Thank you so much to my patrons for their support and all of you for watching and following my work, i really apreciate it, without you this doesnt makes too much sense.Im thinking about what im going to do in the next video, im a bit lost but an idea will come to my mind, stay safe and i see you soon!If you want to help me to create more content you can do it here, any help is appreciated, you will find better quality too:/ and in case the video doesnt look as good as i want i let you this link: / can find more content here:Discord: / / / / Twitter: /