Im Ill Haku Sex Blender/Eevee

  • 投稿日:2021/9/25
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Hi guys, after a while i have made another Haku video, very requested for my supporters, i will try to use her more frequently, i tried to use all what i have learned using Blender and Marvelous Designer, there are things that i need to improve yet but overall looks good i think, about the voice, i found it and i thougt it was very hot so i added it, i will start looking for another song and ideas for the next video. If you have any suggestion or you liked the video let me know in the comments.Model: InwerwmDance motion: Sewelina BloodroyalThank you so much to my patrons for their support and all of you for watching and following my work!Special mention to GFS MMD who gave me his GPU, thanks to him my workflow for Blender videos has improved a lot. He makes cool videos too, i let you his channel: / No.52 and W&S MMD for helping me find the dress.720p DL: / you want to help me to create more content you can do it here, any help is appreciated, you will find better quality too:/ can find more content here:Discord: / / / / Twitter: /