• 投稿日:2021/9/10
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For those who dont understand the plot of my new work. Here is a translation pack for you:/ /> 大家好,这里是山田,新作终于出来啦!
今回はね. UIの内容と会話の内容を追加しました。新しい試みです。このような方式が好きですか?面白いですか?下の方にメッセージをください。今週のコレクション数は1500を超えています。iwaraで特別版の動画を更新します。皆さんが好きなら、ぜひほめてください。❤
Hello everyone, Shantian here, the new work is finally out!
This time, I added some UI content and dialogue content, which is a new experiment. Do you like this way? Would it be more fun? Let me know in the comments below. I will post the special edition video on iwara if here is over 1500 favorites in this week, please be sure to like it if you like it ❤!