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ok,對聲音再次調整sex音效我以前也試過,但總覺得跟音樂不搭.這一次也是勉強試試看,希望成果不錯.I\'ve tried sex sound before, but I always feel that doesn\'t match the music.This time I barely tried it, I hope the results good.我開了贊助,您可以贊助我以獲取4K版本You can support me to get the 4K version.PatreonTwitter請停止問我模型,我無權分享模型Stop asking me about model, I have no right to share the model.這些模型都由其他創作者提供或是編輯,希望你們能理解These models are provided or edited by other creators, I hope guys can understand.也請不要在我這催陽夜更感謝這些創作者的模型或技術支援Thanks to these creators for their models or support,你們可以在推特追蹤他們You can follow them on Twitter.陽夜hazyLTC_RavenLinuxDxIf you like this video, please press like.I will happy for that.