Kill la Kill - Ryuko - Satsuki - RBB - Chocolate Cream - EP call on me

  • 投稿日:2020/8/19
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Other kill la kill video : / it was time to rewatch Kill la Kill and try to recreate them (>w<)bThankfully since last time i saw it Kill la Kill, Kill la Kill IF came out and gave clothings content that got used through mmd and koikatsu, that helped to make these recreations faster.Bodys from koikatsuClothings are from a koikatsu card and mod (but that card mods had it from the game kill la kill IF) also lots of clothings fixes from meHair\'s from kill la kill ifFaces from cm3d2 but lots of edits to get them look like in the anime (can\'t use the kill la kill IF faces)I did not go full naked in this video, because the bodys look akward without the suits. like strange arm and shoulder shape, etc.motions used:RBB/ Cream by ureshiiiiii/ call on me:/