【💕HMV 07】Sex 劇情向 - 花火與憶者

  • 投稿日:2024/2/13
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這同時也是足控向也有涉及一些關於2.0劇情部分(請斟酌觀看)第一次嘗試劇情片已經把目前能用上的音源都用上了感覺效果不是很理想,看看反饋決定之後會不會繼續做劇情片吧最後1分鐘沒台詞是因為台詞都被我用完啦喜歡了話幫我點個小愛心吧❤️~我和Poyo的Discord: / you like it, give me a little love ❤️~My Discord with Poyo: / & customized content: / time trying a feature filmI have used all the currently available sound sources.I feel that the effect is not very satisfactory. I will decide whether I will continue to make feature films after seeing the feedback.