【💕HMV 01】Sex 超市掃貨銀狼

  • 投稿日:2023/11/21
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我的第一部純Sex Hmv\n如果數據好一點的話大概每個月會定期出一部吧\nDiscord的投票結果銀狼高出克拉拉十票,符玄一落千丈\n沒想到符玄的人氣會和這兩位差這麼多\n我和Poyo的Discord: / first pure Sex HmvIf the data is better, one will be released regularly every month.\nThe Discord voting result showed that Silver Wolf was ten votes higher than Clara, and Fu Xuan plummeted.\nI didn’t expect that Fu Xuan’s popularity would be so different from these two.\nMy Discord with Poyo: /