Kangxi Fuckin – How We Party

  • 投稿日:2023/9/11
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Hello There My Good Sirs, How Are You Doing Today? I Hope Ya’ll Doing Just FineAnd as per usuall, here is your monthly Kangxi doses, the main dishCHEERLEADER KANGXI Baby…!!!!!!\nSHE CHEER ME UP SO FUCKING MUCH….!!!\nSO MUCH FUCKING ENERGY IN ME…..!!!!!\nAnd I did shoot out lots of those energy while making this XDLike My Work? You Can Support Me On Patreon/ a Patreon and Get One Week Early Access to My Mmd Sex Video in 1080P and 4KPlease Consider To Support Me on Patreon If You Can, That Will Help Me To Make More MmdsAnd yet another one from my to do list, and i’m so fucking happy that I’m able to do it XDOh my lord, she’s so fucking cute in that cheerleader outfit, I really love this model XDIs it that sun vision hat thing? She’s so fucking cute XD TOO FUCKING CUTE….!!!\nHuge huge thanks to zack for making this model, really really love it XDIts was quite a challenge to make this video tho, especially that 5 guys scene in the middle, so fucking much stuff to animate, that’s six char that is connected one way or another, su much part to animate, and cuz its lots of models and lots of movement, its lagging down my pc XD, almost regret using that idea midway, but I did it, and well, I think it looks good, what do you think?\nBut I guess 5 guys is the limit for me, cuz that’s already making my pc lagging, even before adding effect, I was just can hope that the effect looks good enough cuz the playback is lagging so much XD, I was getting like 3 fps with raycast on XDI hope I don’t make mistake here and thereAll and all I am happy with the result, I have lots of fun making it and I think the “doing splits” theme is kinda a good idea, with her spreading her legs really wide in this video, what do you think?\nI hope ya’ll can enjoy this one as much as I doSong - We Party Turbotronic Radio EditModel edits by - mmd zack R18Animation by - MeFind Me on Twitter - , that was all for nowi hope you can enjoy this onestay save guys