【Fan welfare】【The stars are shining】T-ARA - SUGAR FREE 闪耀偶像的甜甜纯欲❤【粉丝福利 原神人气偶像组】

  • 投稿日:2023/4/14
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Watch before you watch *Thank you very much to the friends of the Internet can insist on watching my useless worksDue to my personal reasons, I am very busy at work and manage many contributing platformsThere has been no extranet resource supplementI will slowly replenish the resources I have left behindHd video is usually given away for free in the form of a Mega discOf course, if you like my work, you also want to give the author a certain financial subsidyPlease come to the site sponsor me: (我的赞助平台)/ for watching!Music:T-ARA - SUGAR FREEImage:芭芭拉&云堇&妮露&宵宫【原神】Motion:Sewelina BloodroyalCamera:Sewelina BloodroyalModel:虚子CLothes:虚子/マキス/earthship地球船stage:KoikatuSunshine charastudio map/HONGCHA/16cmdSoftware:Koikatu charastudio/KoikatuSunshine charastudio/PR/VideoExport/MMD Director/PostProcessingEffects/SimpleBokeh Button/RuntimeUnityEditorVideo production:DFmega盘&度盘:/ you want to see the other differential versions, you can find them in the sponsored stalls如果你想看其他的差分版,可在赞助档位中找到There will be delays depending on the update time*根据更新时间会有延迟I had a long delay due to illness and moving so this time I made a special fan benefit video for my fans and people who love my videos\n因为生病和搬家耽搁了很久 所以这次为支持我的粉丝们和喜欢我视频的人们做了一个特殊粉丝福利视频Thank you for watching my video\n谢谢你们看我的视频Because of the particularity of KKS, I switched back to KK Studio because I haven\'t fully mastered and solved the problem of frames in KKS VE recording RE\n因为KKS的特殊性 我转回了KK工作室 因为KKS的VE录制RE我还没有完全掌握也没有解决掉帧的问题I hope I can solve this problem in the future\n希望以后我能有能力解决这个问题吧Thank you for your technical help. Thank you\n也感谢各位大佬的技术帮助 谢谢I\'m on medication for my gout and I think I\'ll be fine with a good diet\n我的痛风疾病目前在服药了 修养和合理饮食大概就能康复了 嗯