【MMD R-18】Secret Nightclub

  • 投稿日:2022/4/1
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HQ version: / /> Hello again! Despite the difficulties I finally managed to finish this project. I must admit it's not exactly what I had in mind, I hope you enjoy it.
Many of you have requested that I create an account on Patreon. I tried but apparently my content violates the Community Guidelines of this platform.
I will be much more organized with my projects. I will upload my videos with the maximum quality that the platform allows me, and I will always put a link to download it with a better quality.
Another thing I wanted to talk about are my models. I'm going to change some things (like the nipples), and add others. I'm also going to fix other problems associated with physics, such as the case of the nipple accessories (I always wanted to fix that).
Thank you very much for your support! and as always sorry for my bad english.
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