Rybecia NumberNine

  • 投稿日:2021/5/8
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私は女子高生探偵、ルベシア。路地裏で罪袋の男達の怪しげな取引現場を目撃したわ。取引を見るのに夢中になっていた私は、背後から近づいてきたもう1人の仲間に気付かなかった。私はその男に毒薬を飲まされ、目が覚めたら…I’m Rybecia, a high school detective.I went to an Back alley.And while we were there, we witnessed some men in sin sack making a dangerous deal.Because I was so absorbed in watching them, I didn’t notice the man who came at me from behind.He forced me to drink a poison that knocked me out, and when I woke up…動画が正常に再生されない場合、再生アプリのハードウェアアクセラレーション設定をOffにしてみてください。If the video does not play properly, try turning off the hardware acceleration setting of the application that is playing the video.2K - 120fps 褐色肌版(Dark Skin Color Version)/ - 120fps 褐色肌版(Dark Skin Color Version)2.1GB Low Bitrate/ High Bitrate/ Rybecia / Quappa-El ( / )Motion: Number Nine / NatsumiSan ( / )Effect:sdPBR / サンドマン ( / )Z_Particle, PaintSpray, ManualLotion / BeamManP ( / )iwColorAdjustment / Inwerwm ( / )Twitter: / / /