[MMD] Destination Calabria - Panzer Vor MMD (1080p60fps)

  • 投稿日:2018/2/16
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As the chief designers of Chrysler Defense all sat quietly at their desks, sketching away concepts for the new main battle tank, one man dared to stand up, and dared to ask the difficult question.This one question would, alone, redefine all conventional thought of what a main battle tank should be like:"How do we make this sixty ton hunk of metal drift and look really sick and shit?"/ zero effort MMD brought to you by that user who spent a majority of the 90s "♪running into your miiiiiiind♫(?)". Wasn\'t able to drift though, didn\'t have insurance at the time so it would\'ve been risky.This time it\'s a race girl Maho Nishizumi! She is a professional Tank Racer! Tank racers participate in a yearly Tank Racing event called Super Panzer Kart, where the goal is to be the first to finish 3 laps of a circle in a friendly competitive manner against other cute race girls! Excessive drifting is encouraged. Hostile actions such as firing red shells, or the dreaded blue shells, upon opponents are considered unsportsmanlike and is discouraged (but allowed anyways if you feel like being a dick).Also some changes to the render process. Maybe it\'ll fix the viewing in "Source" resolution problem me (and maybe a few other people) have with Iwara\'s video player, but who knows?I could be playing more Dragon Ball FighterZ right now.The ice cream melted.Effects: NCHLShader2GreenerShaderPowerDOFExcellentShadow2AutoLuminous4ikSunshaftHgSAOo_SelfOverlay v0.6o_SurplusFilter v0.3Model: Maho Nishizumi v1.0 (Race Girl) (J&J Edit)\n/ Pink Suite Stage (JMatt379)\nseiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im6159004Motion by: go monotama (youtu.be/Gb8eq7dHIb0)