[MMDガルパン]黒森峰戦車道チーム Girls girls&panzer R-18

  • 投稿日:2018/7/18
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転載禁止!Thank you for your viewingPlease do not repost this video to other sites …そろそろ皆さん飽きてくる頃かと思いますが、またお二人に登場してもらいました。お気づきの方もおられるかもしれませんが、モデルテストを兼ねてるので毎回少しずつ弄っております。なので連続で登場してもらってるのですが、今回の仕様で落ち着こうと思いますので今一度お付き合いくださいませm(__)m真夏の砂浜っぽい太陽ギラギラ感をだそうと思いましたが難しくて挫折・・・更にカメラモーション失敗(←直せよw)グダグダな内容ですが暑くて直す気が出てこないのでこのまま投下します(笑)Everyone may have gotten bored, but the two previous people danced.There may be one who has noticed, but it changes little by little every time because it also serves as a model test.So I am continuing to use it, but since I think that I will settle down with this specification, please take a look againI thought about making a sunny sunshine like midsummer but it is difficult and impossible for me ...In addition the camera motion fails (← not modified)Since motivation does not rise, we will upload it without modifying it (lol)