[MMD] Koshitantan R-18

  • 投稿日:2023/4/1
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please support me on patreon to continue making more videos of this type, and not have to leave it/ always this video comes thanks to the patreons, who support me every month to continue making more projectsfirst of all I have nothing against Rin, the problem was that it was either her or Atago, it was difficult to choose, but I ended up choosing Atago.as I told my patreons, this video was going to be much longer due to Fubuki\'s story, what I did to remedy it, is not to make fight animations, nor magic, also if you notice the whole story is told very fast and without going into so many details.another thing that I eliminated because my computer almost exploded with Fubuki\'s story, was to eliminate filler models like Keyaru\'s army, or more models of villagers (they were just standing and it was more for filler).\nI also removed an effect that made Fubuki a little transparent, I\'m sorry I had to remove it because the rendering was already too heavyone more video is missing, and I finish this first part.when I finish I\'m going to start making some special videos (ovas) that I hope you will like.there are too many models, sorry if I have forgotten oneEtapas: ???\nModels by kiruneruModel Rias, Issei by AzureArnicemodels Azur lane by ???\nlucoa by Zy0n7\n風香&火憐Ver1.00 by JeanWood Elf Pugilist Gumi by AnyaJackal1Elf Knight Kath by AnyaJackal1Olga Discordia by CrossMMDCamila. Pyra, Mytra, Epis by MrJinSenpaiDaphne by Freya-VhalAqua, male model by TBOMB200Motion dance by agertearca/ アガちんSex Motions by me, mrorzo, aderman440, JanglesthePervRay cast effects