【MMD】湊あ○あ Bass Knight ちょっと改変【R-18】Minato A○ua Bass Knight Modified【Hol○live】

  • 投稿日:2023/4/1
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モデル、カメラ、ステージ等のすべてのクリエイターの方々に感謝申し上げます。差分?です。元のBass Knightを少し残しつつ、頑張って自作モーションを組み込みました。なので拙い部分もありますがご了承いただければ幸いです。私事ですが4月から新社会人なので思うようにMMDの時間が取れないかもしれません。しかしモチベーションは高いので失踪はしないです。これからも気長に動画を待っていただければなと思います( ˘ω˘ )Twitter:/ thanks to all creators - models, camera, stage, etc.Differences? This is a new version of the Bass Knight. I tried my best to incorporate my own motion while keeping a little of the original Bass Knight. I hope you can understand that there are some parts that are not so good.I\'m starting a new company in April, so I may not have as much time for MMD as I\'d like. However, my motivation is high, so I will not disappear. I hope you will continue to wait patiently for my videos.Translated with DeepL.com/Translator (free version)