• 投稿日:2023/4/1
  • 128600 再生
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いつも応援ありがとうございます\n今回の動画もスマホ推奨です!\n縦のパイズリとフェラ動画をskmtでまた作りたくなったのでやってみましたm(_ _)m\n全編は3分くらいの動画で、差分に、マリン船長と過去の動画の差分があり、\n計10本くらいの動画が見れます!\n次は横動画に戻る予定です\nFANTIA FANBOXはこちらです\n/ again for your support!\nThis video is also recommended for smartphones!\nI wanted to make another vertical piz and blowjob video with skmt, so I did it. m(_ _)mThe whole video is about 3 minutes long, and in the diff, there are diffs of Captain Marine and past videos,\nYou can see about 10 videos in total!\nNext time, I\'m going to go back to horizontal videos.\nFANTIA FANBOX is here!\n/ with DeepL.com/Translator (free version)