Suzuya and Shimakaze Lamb Sex Dance [R-18 MMD]

  • 投稿日:2019/1/10
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Welcome to MMD Suzuya Public Sex 18Concert! my first ever kancolle video, Warning video contain R-18 mature content (Hentai, Sex scenes, NSFM), Thank you for watching! Shimikaze participate the concert without knowing there's nude dance in it, strawberry hunter arrived and suzuya decide to give her fans some bonuses.
Reuploaded at 29/1/2019
Didn't know Reuploading is possible, If you prefer the shiny cartoony skin better, its still available in my patreon in HD 1920 X 1080, I personally like this version more, many of you have requested for model base from my previous works, I personally believed the issue lies in the skin texture style not model, so I changed it and improved some minor animations. Hope you like it.
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Music used: Lamb
Model Downloaded from
- Strawberry Hunter Edited by StrawberryAi (From DollyMolly323 model base)
- Suzuya Queen of Lust Edited by StrawberryAi (From Inwerwm Haku model base)
- Shimakaze (From Jim944)
- Crowd (From 雪月花)
Stage Downloaded from
- DT Miracle Painting Stage (From Dan1024)